Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What Keeps YOU Up at Night?

I sometimes am so tired but just can't fall asleep. It's usually on days where I have a million things running through my head that I can't really process fully. I think today is one of those days. Here are some of those things:

1) T was stressed out - trip stuff, family stuff, work stuff all converging and nothing really getting accomplished.

2) My neighbor is going to have her baby today, we're pretty sure, so I'll probably end up sleeping on her couch tonight, getting her girls up... then again, mabye I won't!

3) A young mom in my Bible study group, who we've known since she was in high school, has been suffering from vertigo for the past few weeks. They just found a lesion on her brain stem today, will do an angiogram tomorrow. I'm praying for some good news in all this but not really seeing it.

4) T's dad will be having yet another biopsy on a new "funny looking thing" - he just completed chemo for his second cancer in a year.

5) We're having all our summer leaders here for lunch on Saturday - potentially around 30 people... and I really need to clean this place up!

6) We are still nowhere with our overnight accommodations in Vienna and Paris, just waiting on Buffy and Alison!

7) A father of one of my former students, whose sister I also know because I taught her daughter, passed away this weekend suddenly from complication due to diabetes. His funeral is tomorrow, but I'll be working while the whole family I work for attends... and that's OK.

8) Trying to plan a big fundraiser for our SPACE teams.... silent auction.... abiding by our church guidelines, which basically do not allow us to advertise or ask in church in any way (up front, bulletin, or on a website) for donations.... have actually gotten to the point of considering making spaghetti and meatball hats for everyone to wear to church to get a little attention. That's not too obvious, is it?

9) 4,000 deaths in Iraq.... what do I think of that?

and, finally, what has kept me alert and awake most often:

10) Amazingly, this week each of my Bible studies and books I'm reading and sermon on Sunday all have to do with faith. In girls grace adventures we even talked about the Shield of Faith today. What does this mean?

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

Now, maybe I can get some sleep.


Kathryn said...

No wonder you're not sleeping! You have a thousand things going on at once...and enough of them are life rather than organizational issues--big stuff!

I hope you can find moments of peacefulness in the midst of all the goings on...opportunities to breathe and recharge. And sleep! :-)

deanna said...

Yeah, we find it, but it's that peace that passes all understanding kind, so I can't really explain it other than to say it's related to faith! ;-)