Thursday, March 06, 2008


  • formal or perfunctory politeness
  • politeness: the act of showing regard for others

For a couple years now, the county we live in has been touting this "Choose Civility" campaign. I'm not really sure the origin or even the purpose, but many people received these dark green bumper stickers that they proudly display on their cars with that slogan. They make me laugh, or more appropriately snicker, because OBVIOUSLY they've either forgotten that they are wearing them or they have no idea what it means!! Here are some of the things that come to mind when I see one of these bumper stickers:

~ Choose to Drive Without a Cellphone Attached to Your Ear

~ Choose to Practice Civility Instead of Expecting Others to Show it to Undeserving You!

~ Choose Intelligence Instead of Wreckless Driving

~ Choose the Lane of Traffic Which Most Appropriately Suits Your Driving Skills (or Lack Thereof!)

~ Choose to Take Yourself Off the Road Should You Choose Not to Obey Basic Traffic Laws

~ Choose to Signal the Direction You are Going So As to Avoid Being Shown Uncivil Hand Gestures

~ Choose to Not Display a Bumper Sticker That Has Absolutely No Meaning to You Whatsoever

Have I covered everything? Need I explain further?? I didn't think so!!


Gracifer said...

D- Choosing Civility is a book by P. M. Forni. One of the guys in a human development class I took last spring gave a presentation on it. Apparently the library has several copies if you're interested in checking it out further...

Also, my dad has his choose civility bumper sticker hanging in his bathroom, for some random reason. Apparently he needs a reminder to be more civil in there...?

- Grace

deanna said...

Hi Grace.... it's too bad people don't read the book before they paste that bumper sticker on their car!! Bathroom... hmmm... I'm not sure about that - LOL! Although it's very non-committal! He can drive however he wants and not have me wondering if he remembers it's on his car!