Monday, March 10, 2008


It's been almost a week now of researching, calling, bugged out eyes looking for a place for a group of 26 to stay in Vienna for cheap!! Most of the hostiles we've called won't help us, hotels are outrageously expensive and we are beginning to think we're running out of options. It's difficult to believe that we can't find even one reasonably priced place to stay in Vienna. Except that the dollar has taken a huge dive and we just can't swim against that current anymore. Pray for us!


megan said...

I'm still looking from here! Don't give up yet :)

Kathryn said...

Is camping an option? Private sites (KOA type) have washer/dryers, showers, etc.

Or how about renting a couple of cabins?

deanna said...

Really, I'm sure that would be fun. We're just trying to stay in the city so I'm not sure there are many camping options.

With the help of our friend (above -thanks Megan) we're going to try one more time for the hostel we'd love to stay in, then we're going for the airport hotel! which unfortunately is 30 minutes outside Vienna. But, we'll take it! ;-)