Sunday, March 09, 2008

California Tortilla Warning!

We have one of these fast food Mexican joints in our area. We love their food, but we have this one problem - they cannot get a single "To Go" order correct! We've only had minor issues when we eat in, but when we take out, it's always a mess. Over Christmas break, my brother went there with 6 orders. Only two were correct when he got home! The rest were almost unrecognizable. A spinach burrito with steak on it, chicken tacos with no meat and the best - a children's quesadilla with no queso!! Yup, that's right - they melted two tortillas together with no cheese in between! In fact, there was nothing to speak of in the middle. I wonder how they stayed together!!

T went out tonight to bring us home some California Tortilla, and Kt even told him to make sure her quesadilla had cheese in it. He managed to check that, but not our combination chicken/steak fajitas with no chicken. I sent him back for my chicken because... well, he should have known!! Please, CT, pay more attention to your take out orders!! Or we'll have to resort to Taco Bell!

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