Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I started this post about 5 minutes ago... just as a message flashed up on screen: "There are other people logged onto this computer. Are you sure you want to shut down?" Then, black screen. I was thinking to myself, "What just happened??" as I realized my chair was depressing the power button..... therefore, proving once again that I do, in fact, suffer from Mushy Brain Syndrome!

This happens to me 1) when things that don't normally happen happen (like Em staying home from school yesterday, knocking off my whole weekly schedule, and T forgetting to cancel our babysitter so we were completely dumbfounded when someone entered our house during dinner last night!), 2) when I have too many things going on at one (sick kids, messed up travel plans, work, Girls Grace Adventure, interviews this week for the new Children's Ministry director, going on retreat, going to CT for spring break, neighbors complaining to me about my child who is doorbell ditching!), and 3) when I realize that I'm getting older and I just can't hold everything up in my head as well as I used to!

Today, after spending last night trying to figure what to do about Vienna, for the 4th night in a row!, I went off to work. I could barely wake up this morning and never once thought I might be forgetting anything!! It wasn't until T was telling me about his day and his meeting at church that something foggy started to appear in my mushy brain. He said something like, "I showed up at church at the same time all these Connections women were leaving....." and it hit me. I read through my chapter last night, finished up my questions and was all set to go to that this morning... just like I do every Tuesday morning. What shocked me was that I did not even once, until he said, even think about Connections, or the fact that it was Tuesday. I made it to work, so I must have known.... but I have no idea why the other commitment never registered.

I'm officially mush.

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kimsilver said...

I am completely understanding this entry. I go through too many "mushy" moments to count. I chalk it up to too many things going on--or too much stress.....and my body just starts shutting off. I hate that. So-I feel for you. Sadly, I have found, that it becomes something you end up coping with, rather than completely conquering.