Friday, March 14, 2008

Suing Proponents of Global Warming

So, the founder of the Weather Channel is proposing a law suit to sue proponents, such as Al Gore, about global warming. Apparently, these proponents are unwilling to enter into a debate about the existence of global warming, instead "scamming" the world into literally buying into their theory of global warming. I think he has a valid point here and I'll be following this story.

In essence, the global warming propaganda may have a very negative impact on the environment should it be proven to be wrong. That GW proponents have been very strong in their criticism of environmental issues, all in the name of an unproven theory. The sad thing is that many of their suggestions would have a positive environmental impact and should not be discarded. But should they be proven wrong, especially in a high profile court suit, the impact could be devastating for them and their suggestions, which may be discarded after a heavy hit.

Really, without the global warming scare tactic, we really do need to be better stewards of God's creation, looking for alternative forms of energy, reducing waste, and being more aware of the impact humankind has on nature. We owe it to ourselves, but more importantly to our children, to do all those things and more. We need to be forward thinkers when it comes to environmental impact. Global warming aside, Al Gore gone, what can we do to improve life on earth for future generations?

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