Sunday, March 16, 2008

Retreat Recap

This past weekend, we had the joy of hanging out on our spring high school retreat. It's hard for me to fathom that my own last high school retreat was 20 years ago!! Our kids stay at this really cool retreat place on the North Chesapeake Bay, complete with a high ropes course, climbing walls, gym, plenty of space, nice rooms, great food.... it was amazing! T and I and the girls stayed in a hotel like dorm - the girls even had their own room.

As we roamed around on an incredibly beautiful day yesterday, so many juxta posed thoughts went through my head. I'm sad to see some of our favorite seniors head off to college soon, but so excited for where they are headed. I'm so scared to send these kids into the world, yet so hopeful for the future because of them. Their silliness makes me roll my eyes, their enormous amount of potential to impact the world for Christ overwhelms me. I'm just amazed that they let us into their world, I'm honored.

I wish that I could share more than just a glimpse with you of just how important they are to us. What high schoolers do you know - more than 150 - who would embrace a group of leaders in their 30's? I mean embrace, encourage, thank, love... in a way that makes me feel like I'm just inadequate as a friend! We are so blessed year after year with a group of kids like this.

Twenty years after high school there are so many things I would have loved to have shared with them, but it was their weekend, their youth, their time to process life at their level. T did a session with them on creating, embracing, possibility and then creating. We spent a lot of last week talking through his session, thinking of worthwhile things to share, trying to shape something that would resonate with teenagers. It was really a message from T's heart, to speak into the hearts of kids that in our life here on earth, we matter and we make a difference. These are the kids who have the influence to shape culture.

One of our senior interns chose to get baptized on this trip, in the frigidly cold bay. It was really an amazing event and the people who shared about her and her impact on their worlds really speaks to the quality of kids we are launching out to the world. As she came up out of the water, I was imagining that the ripples she created were much like the ripples she will create in the world, the reach she will have because she's totally sold out, engaging and applying all that we've invested in her. More importantly, all that Christ means to her - and she's taking it with her into the world. It's some great imagery and some incredible energy.

So, to the kids in cpr who even bother to read the blog of a 30 something leader's wife, just know that we don't consider any of our time spent with you or given to you a sacrifice. It's more than an honor and our pleasure that you allow us to influence you in even small ways, that you are interested in being invested in, and the hope that you give us creates an unspeakable joy in our hearts. We do it for Him, and we think you get that. What we give to you does not even compare to what we've received - you've touched our hearts forever and we're happy that you keep us at least a little young!! Just know that God uses you in our lives and we thank you for your authenticity in His name.


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