Monday, March 10, 2008

Murphy's Law

I was rearing to go this morning... Had my bathing suit ready to go for some pool time. Then, late last night (or early this morning?) Em threw up. I had visions instantly of days home, everyone getting sick, missing a week of school, the gym... Kt also woke up with a sore throat and swollen tonsils again. Note to self: don't dwell ever again on the thought that your family has remained healthy while the stomach flu and regular flu are raging through every other family you know!!

Anyway, I'm hoping for the best! Maybe a false alarm? Em has been fine since she was sick. She just finished breakfast, and while I'm keeping her home today we are wondering if the sour cream she ate last night with our take out Mexican food was bad. She was the only one who ate it, and from all the descriptions of the strain of stomach flu going around now, she definitely doesn't fit that bill.

Kt went off to school, albeit unwillingly. Not because of her throat, but just because she's in that "if we're a free country, why should I have to go to school" stage. It's getting a little old around here. I completed my diatribe on how because we're a free country you GET to go to school (all parents must do this!) and sent her on her way.

Here I am, sitting around all day with my "sick" Bindi. I was laughing yesterday because her "lizzie" - the purple gummy lizard - is now taped in the middle and apparently has been stuck to her ceiling twice now!! That's no way to treat a venemous lizard! LOL At least she still uses her gloves! ;-)


Kathryn said...

Hope KT feels better!

The Bindi story made me smile. My niece has always been into animals, too, including insects. Much to the chagrin of her grandmother, Hannah picks up all sorts of worms, slugs, etc. to play with in Nana's garden.

Have fun with your little Bindi. If she keeps it up, maybe she'll start bringing in some real 'rescues' into your home. ;-)

deanna said...

Real rescues... well, let's see, a couple years ago I happened upon a bunny nest while getting my strawberry patch ready, so we've already rescued 7 baby bunnies! Last year she accumulated several caterpillars, kept them in her bug box, every afternoon I had to endure all the neighborhood kids in our backyard having caterpillar races and we even survived Kt accidentally stepping on the one they took to the park!!

I'd tell you about the cicadas, but that might gross you out. Every stray dog running around has been caught by Tony and Em and returned to it's proper home and if we see any cats whatsoever on our property, they are properly fed and cared for, even if they don't want to be!;-) It's a passion!

Kathryn said...

good luck!