Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Have Learned Nothing!

I feel, in a way, that I'm back to square one here. With everything I have on my plate and my attempts this year to simplify and say "no" to more things, I found myself just not able to function with MBS at 7:30 this morning. For those of you who don't know, that's just way too early for me! I was sound asleep, awoken abruptly by a call for help. Those are the kinds I just can't seem to decline.

To make matters even worse, my husband, also sound asleep, even though his alarm had already gone off, didn't bother to lie for me. I guess under any other circumstances I would have preferred he not lie, but this time I really needed him to tell this person that I was not here - I mean, they would believe that, right?? OK, I'm stretching a bit!

Anyway, I had plans for today - gym, laundry, visit my cousin's new boutique (more on that later!), sign Kt up for tennis camp, pick up more essential groceries, clean up a bit around here..... instead, I ended up subbing for mother's day out. Why? Because when she said, "Are you free to sub today? I'm in a bind." I could not for the life of me think of one good reason I could not sub. At least not one that would mean anything to anyone, and I just couldn't lie. I'm, what my husband so lovingly refers to me as, a sucker.

So, my day just added to my mushy brain... morning/early afternoon spent with 2 year olds, direct flight from there to new boutique, home for a 25 minute break before the girls got home, homework, gymnastics, 15 minutes for dinner, off to Girls Grace Adventure.... home to again sit around comatose, brain dead and wondering how I'll get everything done, now that I have to work tomorrow.

Well, at least the boutique was fun, fun, fun!!

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