Sunday, March 09, 2008


Oh, and daddy. One more thing. Do you remember your last words to me.... "Keep yourself busy." I've been working on that. T was in the middle of taking the class Perspectives on the World Christian Movement when you died, and from that was birthed an idea that God has blessed year after year. He has spent the last 5 years developing missionally minded high school leaders, taking them on cross cultural missions trips and launching them into the world with a more globalized view of God's intent for all the nations of the world. We call it SPACE, or Students Prepared to Act for Christ's Empire.

After several years of him taking groups out of the country each summer, we finally realized our own dream of exposing your granddaughters to another culture outside of the US. We took them to serve a church planting missions organization and they met tons of missionary kids and families from all over Europe. They are both THRILLED to go back this year, although Kt's heart is really leaning towards that old dream of hers... to go to Africa.

I just thought you might like to know what kind of legacy you've left here on earth. Your sister sent me your old freshman initiation beenie from Kings, and mommy begged me to throw that old thing away. I just kind find it in my heart to do that, because it reminds me of your commitment to follow Christ in whatever circumstances He led you into. Of your heart to serve others and your devotion to His body of believers. Eventually I'll have to give to mommy (you know how that is!), but for now I'm just so incredibly thankful that God gave me you as a dad.

Of course, I'm wishing right now that those streets of gold were shippable because we have quite a daunting task ahead, raising funds to take a whole family overseas. But right now, that beenie reminds me that God does bigger things than we could ever dream and our worries are all in vain. I know our task is larger than life right now, but eventually it's fruition will be realized, either this summer or in the years to come in Europe and beyond.

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