Friday, March 07, 2008


I have a friend whose husband works for the State Department and they are serving right now in Bangkok. I'm always excited to receive her emails with pictures of their travels, their three little girls and also news from their church they are involved in over there. In many ways, their job has afforded them a witness in a foreign land where few would choose to serve, and many families have chosen to use their time in Thailand to make a difference.

My friend has been involved in a ministry of their church, NightLight, which attempts to save women and children from forced slavery. It's an incredible ministry and their efforts have proven very fruitful. This particular cause has received a lot of attention lately, but not nearly enough I'm afraid. Human trafficking is a huge industry and it's practiced all over the world, including in the U.S.

If you have a chance, browse their website - the jewelry is beautiful! Finding profitable alternatives and lifetime trades for the women they save is a priority if they are going to make a difference. Here's an excerpt from their newsletter:

We have been limiting the number of women coming to work at NightLight since the end of last year. One woman who applied for work was on our waiting list. Mid-February she came to us again. This time she got down on her knees begging us for a job. She said she just couldn't handle working at the bar anymore. Although we had tried to hold off new employees we just couldn't turn her down. We accepted her in spite of our limitations. Last week this woman chose to give her life to Christ. Once again God has demonstrated His sovereignty. God brings the women to us. They come for a decent job; they find life. We feel limited in space, in resources, in sufficient work and finances but God promises abundant life and He always keeps His word. He will provide. His heart breaks for the women ready for new life and waiting in the shadows. Sometimes we are slow in responding but God in His mercy acts to save.

Pray for that ministry, if you feel led, and the many others around the world who are dedicated to ending human trafficking.

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