Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Day of Allergy Reckoning

We FINALLY took Kt for allergy testing so now we can say with confirmation that our daughter is allergic to cockroaches!! Good thing I haven't seen any around our house.... I have, however, seen a lot of dust, and apparently that is a huge problem for her. Here's the ranking:

1. Dust mites - testing more positive than the "positive"

2. Cats - which we could have guessed!

3. Mold - after 2 ER from mold exposure, I could have bet on that one!

4. Soy - which might explain why she got sick when we tried soy formula when she was a baby!

5. Raw egg - another that came to our attention this past year, fortunately, it's just a topical allergy, nothing to change a diet over!

6. Cockroaches - why do they even test for those?? Weird!

7. Dogs - not as bad as cats, but those hives she gets when the dogs come home from the kennel are telltale!

She had this test about 6 hours ago and her dust mite test is the size of a huge welt. She also had another spot on her arm that she said did not become bad until she got to school. I have no idea what that one was for and they didn't tell her the ones that tested negative. I guess we'll never know!

The doctor recommended getting rid of carpet - anyone have $30,000 for us to get some wood floors? I didn't think so! We will likely purchase the wrap for her mattress and pillow. It's the least we can do - LOL. The funny thing is that since we moved to this house I thought she was outgrowing the asthma. I guess this house is just a little less dusty? Sure doesn't seem that way, but I'm glad for her.

I guess someday we'll all have to get some allergy testing done!


jaydensjourney said...

Oh, oh pick me, pick me - I know why they test for cockroaches. A guy at work was severly allergic to them for years and he was telling me couldn't drink coffee...the connection, food processors are allowed "so many parts" cockroaches per whatever when they pack food. Coffee happens to be one of the higher occurences (still haven't given it up). It's the fact that they can potentially show up in your food. Now that I have officially grossed you out, enjoy your cereal ;-)

deanna said...

OK - You win the prize for creeping me out the most!! How totally gross! This might be the best diet tip ever!;-)

kimsilver said...

Ok- I was totally entertained and extremely grossed out by that posting. Really, I think that was more information than I needed to know. UGH.