Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why I Believe in Hibernation

I wonder why God didn't create us to hibernate?? It really makes so much sense. Storing up food, that we would eat sparingly (think of all the money we'd save not eating out!), bundling up and not having to go out in the snow (no need for plows or shovels - just let the snow fall where it may!) and lots and lots of good sleep (everyone could catch up, then we'd all enjoy and happy, healthy summer!). Instead, we have cold to brave, snow storms to ruin all our important plans and by summer we're still trying to catch up on our sleep, and the nights are shorter!!

So, here I am, have to leave for work in about 10 minutes, haven't packed for the trip I'm supposed to leave for this afternoon because, well, it's snowing, and they are predicting ice after that and the storm is heading towards my destination. This has kind of dampered my attitude about getting ready, because instinctively, I'm ready for hibernation! In my humble opinion, nobody should be going anywhere today. We should all hunker down, bundle up, watch a good movie, have a cup of hot cocoa and let the snow fall where it may. Happy Hibernating!

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