Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to Normal

OK, so this is a bad image (have to work on that, too, this year!), but this is back to normal site meter. Yes, you see that now that Christmas is over, all Christmas letters have been written, sent or forgotten, I'm not so popular anymore!! Hard to believe that I went from 500 to less than 50 visits a day in just a week!!

It's OK. Now my husband can relax, stop rolling his eyes and making snide comments about the Night Before Sitemeter.... back to normal, I'm just another oblivious blogger, having a little corner in the blog world all to myself again. ~sigh~


Jeremy said...

Heh. Nice to get the bounce though! 500+ per day. Wow. I need a hook up like that. ;)

deanna said...

LOL - total fluke, but out of all my posts, I'm glad it was that one that so many people read!

Anonymous said...

My blog traffic has been consistent, but my non-blog sites took a hit beofre the holidays and have yet to bounce back. Yikes.