Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It's A First

Yup, I'm blogging early. Actually, I've been up since 6:30 - pretty good for a non-morning person like myself. I had to run over and get some labwork done, then finished so early I ran to Wal-mart for some birthday stuff (since I'll be home all day with a sick birthday girl - strep!) and now I'm home.

I was ever so nice to wake up on a January morning, bright and early, before the sun was even up, and have that outdoor thermometer read 60!!!! Granted, it was a little drizzly and very cloudy, but those clouds made a brilliant backdrop for an amazing sunrise, let me tell you. I'm not a huge cloud fan, but the colors of the sunrise reflected off those gray clouds was magnificent. There's got to be a lesson in there somewhere, but it's too early for my feeble brain!

So, I'm now home with a few moments to spare before I go wake up child #1 and see if she's better enough to head off to school today. Poor thing, she still looked a bit ill yesterday. I'm just not 100% sure she'll make it all day. I honestly could crawl back into bed, but there's a lot to do around here if we're going to birthday!

So, Em finally did it. For the first time, she told me she's too old for something. I've seen her lose interest in things, like Barney, but she's never verbalized to me that she's just too old. So here we are, days before her 7th birthday, and I informed her that her father replaced her beloved ice cream cone toothbrush with a Dora one. She looked very forlorn and said to me, "You know, I'm just past Dora!" I replied, "Oh, you are?" She responded, "Yes. I think I'm too old for that." Anyway, we agreed that for now, with the strep an all, she needed to use Dora. But I guess I'll be picking up one more birthday gift!

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