Sunday, January 06, 2008


Next post is not for the faint of stomach!!

We ended up taking Kt to the ER today. Actually, T did. I rely on him to do all the doctor stuff - I hate doctors. Anyway....

Yesterday, Kt was doing much better, but today was completely different. She was back to being really sick, had a fever that even ibuprofen wouldn't touch and her glands were so swollen she could only speak in a very garbled fashion. We had thought we might take her to "Nighttime Pediatrics", a new area walk-in after hours clinic, however that place is turning out to be a problem. At 1:30 this afternoon, the earliest appointment we could get was at 6 pm. We knew from my sister's experience there that would likely have us out the door around 9.... and they won't give any kind of antibiotics unless a test says you need them.

Kt has this unfortunate problem of really large tonsils. No one has yet mentioned tonsillitis, but when we head to the doctor with them, they jump back in fright. Apparently, nothing was different at the ER today. After gawking and comforting that poor child, the doctor opted to give her an antibiotic and we decided that now would not be the best time to learn how to swallow a pill. Long story short, T nearly had a coronary trying to find a 24 hour pharmacy on a Sunday night that carries a mega dose of Erythromycin in liquid form. Due to a possible penicillen allergy, that's what we're left with. We are hoping for a major turn around for that child so we don't miss more school than necessary.

I had the dubious job of taking Em to a birthday party (that Kt had to miss). It was fun, but I had been hoping to do something like head to the gym during that party. Instead, Em decided to spring on me that her stomach hurt, and with the illness in the house.... I opted to stay there for the party trying to contact T at the ER. What an afternoon!

So, one more day at home. One more week without my regular grocery shopping trip, gym visit, volunteering in Em's class.... Cabin fever is beginning to set in. Luckily, I have a warm day to look forward to - highs in the low 60's. If Kt is feeling better at all, we are going walking together! That should be fun! As for dinner.... well, I have no idea what we'll do. Tuna?

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