Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I'm telling you...

Walt Disney World is NOT just for kids! ;-) (It might not even be for frugal adults!!)

OK - I'll keep going. We love Disney, but we've learned to cut some corners in the food department. We have yet to dine at any of the Grand Floridian restaurants, although we've heard they are fabulous. About the most we spend on a meal is at the Crystal Palace - which is a character buffet for around $35/person, or the last time we splurged for an African meal at Boma, which was super!! We have never eaten at a Disney restaurant we haven't liked, and we've probably only eaten at about 5% of the ones offered. That being said, who cares if ONE restaurant at Disney is not for kids. There are so many others that are totally marketed just for kids it just seems realistic that at least one is reserved for those kid-weary parents who continue to vacation in a huge kids playground.

If you are staying at the Grand Floridian and you have young children AND you're willing to spend at least $125 per person at a restaurant, save yourself the pain, get a WDW babysitter, buy your child something they like for dinner and go enjoy a quiet, peaceful, luxurious dinner. While you're doing that, I'll be hanging out at Starlight Ray's cafe, scarfing down a Ceasar salad before I run off to enjoy Buzz Lightyear. See ya! Enjoy!!

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