Thursday, January 17, 2008


I had this conversation with Kt today.... and I'm just totally stunned. Is there a pill to make your kid stop getting older??

Kt: (arriving home from school) Is there ANY way at all we can wait until Saturday to drive up to Connecticut? Any way AT ALL?

Me: Why? What's going on?

Kt: Only the most popular party, all the popular kids are going and I really, really want to go!! They are going to play truth or dare and spin the bottle and I really, really want to go. PLEASE?

Me: Uh, what makes you think that I want you to go to a party where they are going to play spin the bottle?

Kt: Come on, we're not, like, 4 anymore or anything!!

Me: Do you even know what spin the bottle is???

Kt: Sure, it's when.... (she describes exactly how it's played - and it's just painful for me to listen to her enthusiasm!)

Me: What if I don't want boys kissing "or something" you? Do you really think that is OK?

Kt: Well, what if I don't play, but I just watch?

Me: What if I just say we're going to Connecticut!!

Ah.... too young to know better.

Really, though, I'm quite disturbed. Looks like I have a lot of ground to cover with this child, unfortunately. Whenever we have something like this happen, I'm kind of glad it's happening at an age where she tells me, then again I was so hoping these things would not even be on her radar until at least Middle School!! The scary thing is that I know this whole situation is driven by a desire to be loved and accepted by her peers. It doesn't really matter that she has tons of friends, she just likes that feeling. HELP!!!


megan said...

oh's hitting full force now isn't it?! i will be praying for your sanity as you navigate this one, my friend! what does Tony say??

deanna said...

I'm not sure it's hit T yet, because we're going away, so for him it's a "not happening anyway" kind of thing. I imagine if we were going to be here, it would be a "not over my dead body" kind of thing! ;-)

Kathryn said...


What to say?! Make sure you give advice once you have tackled this one, so I can store it to memory for Mei Li!

kimsilver said...

I am kind of giggling over here.....only because I know what this is like. The horror of it all. Don't you wish we could just shelter them forever??

Deana said...

agh...blasted Hannah Montana!!!