Saturday, January 19, 2008

Space Expedition

After our harrowing snow adventure last Thursday, we packed our house with 7 high school seniors for a brief sleepover, picked up two more college students in the morning and drove up to Connecticut. The girls and I put those poor, cold souls on the 2:22 Metro North train in to Grand Central Station and they have been serving NYC ever since!! While they have been trucking around, painting, filing, organizing clothes and serving the homeless, we've been having fun.... shopping, eating out, shopping, movies (LOL) and now we are getting ready to host them for the night in the house I grew up in. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms - smaller than average, if you know what I mean!! I have to go make a couple breakfast casseroles, blow up some air mattresses, move all their stuff downstairs and then wait.

Just to give you an idea of how big God is, we got them up here in a 10 passenger van that had a broken door until Wednesday, made it through a snowstorm on Thursday to our house and found the only parking space in a sea of cars at the Fairfield train station when we arrived Friday afternoon - just steps from the station door. Any commuter would be wildly jealous of our "luck" - not to mention, the parking attendant, the nicest, sweetest man in the world was right there to let us know that for $6 we could park it there all weekend. Yay!! Now I don't have to wander out at all hours of the evening looking for them when they arrive sometime around midnight? Thanks, God!

So, tomorrow we process a bit of what they just did. I don't know if they will be coherent enough to go to church... but that's OK, because they've been "doing church" all weekend!! We have some great kids at our church - no, really, they are amazing!

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