Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bibles in the Classroom

I was reading this article this morning on Fox about a federal judge ruling that passing out Bibles in a classroom or basically anywhere on school property was "unconstitutional". It's an interesting piece, and interesting that the 4 families who brought the suit against the school system were Christian families.

First of all, this would never happen around here! It's important to note this case resides deep in the Bible belt, Missouri. While I think the anti-religion movement in public schools has gone way too extreme (where even the mention of the word "Christmas" or "Jesus" is not allowed around here!), I have stepped back a bit to realize this protection extends to my own children beyond Christianity. While I personally wouldn't object to my child bringing home a Bible from school, I might take issue if they were given a Koran or some Satanism manual. As a parent, if my children are going to be exposed to other religions in grade school (once in high school, it's going to happen on their own!), I'd like it to be my decision. So, while I think "unconstitutional" might be a stretch, since the constitution was written on Biblical principles, I do appreciate my children being protected at that young age from various religious teachings I may not agree with.

I don't blame the Gideons for trying, but there are plenty of ways to spread the Good News in the world.

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