Monday, January 28, 2008


So, my marathon of commitments is nearly at an end. I'm surprised that I'm not as drained as I thought I'd be. I guess when we're doing things that focus on others and not ourselves it's much more fulfilling/energizing.... at least for me!

Today I took Kt to a Southern Living at Home party - really just to hang out with a friend. In the car she said, "I know what I want for my next birthday - Tony Hawk." I laughed, a person? She assured me I did not hear incorrectly. She *needs* to learn how to Ollie (?). I said, "You know, Kt, skateboarders generally have scrapes and bruises everywhere from learning/practicing all these different tricks. Her reply? "Mom, those people are serious, I'm just doing this for fun!" Yes, I did the "that makes no sense" rolling my eyes thing while she couldn't see me, but then I had to laugh, because I think I sometimes have that same mentality.

If I don't learn to say no with a little less guilt I'm going to implode at some point! I don't imagine it going down that way, because I'm just doing it all for fun! ;-)

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