Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year

Chipped nail polish, frigid cold,
sink filled with filthy dishes
Cobwebs filling up my soul
a tangle of millions of unfulfilled wishes.

Brilliant smiles, new resolutions,
creative minds with new willingness.
Redemptive acts, the gift of life,
seasonal reminder of love's forgiveness.


I was driving to the gym this morning - figured I better get to work on my "list"! I was trucking along in the bitter cold, looking at my disgusting nail polish all chipped, thinking about that strange letters we were to unscramble for the Howard County Symphony of Lights mixed up word contest. I thought to myself: Why do we start the New Year in the dead of winter??

Yesterday was gorgeous, so I can't really complain, but for all those resolutions to get out and become something more than what we are, today is more of a crawl-in-bed-and-hibernate kind of day!! Although, in some ways, if I can start it now, I can certainly continue it when it gets nice out! (I hope!) It's the least I can do for myself, my kids, my savior.

2007 was awesome. Sure, there were some stinky parts - like the sewer last year, my uncle dying suddenly, T's dad having two different kinds of cancer, having no family summer vacation, adjusting to never having T available to work from home, crazy medical issues (like a quivering liver), and other really little things. For the record, there were WAY more amazing things, like our first ever family missions adventure, lots of time with family, T's new job - which is just amazing, a day at Six Flags for free!, getting a wii, healthy children, smart children, children who know Jesus. It was truly a wonderful year.

So, now 2008. Can it be a year of Transformations? Sure it can. And while I want to simplify, I'm not sure that's the answer to being transformed. Experiences transform. My mom asked me if I see the glass half full or half empty, and seriously, that question seems to me to be the most ridiculous question EVER! I mean, my answer is "it depends on what's in it!" If it's something I like, it's half full, if it's something I loathe then it's certainly half empty! Don't we all feel the same way?? Silly question.

My year will be both half full and half empty. I know there will be ups and downs, and they will equally contribute to whatever kind of transformation will occur in my life. Each and every experience, good and bad, will sharpen me if I allow it to.

Open minds, accepting hearts,
making each and every experience count.
The gift of friends, family, life,
Every corner turned, every hill we mount.


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