Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Em!

Today, Em is 7 years old. She is a little sad she won't be in school for her birthday. Instead, she'll be going to work with me. How boring! LOL Poor thing -- she may not have her greatly wished for sleepover party this weekend, either. That has been her dream for a couple years.

5 years ago, Em, Kt and I were heading to Connecticut to celebrate her birthday with my parents. My dad was not doing so well, finishing up chemo, stem cell transplant and radiation, with the lymphoma taking over his body. On our way up, she threw up in the car. Illness seems to plague her on her birthdays! My father was seriously disappointed that we had to turn around at the Delaware Memorial Bridge and return home. It would have been our last visit with him at home, not the hospital.

Em tells me all the time she misses Pabu, but in the same breath will tell me she doesn't remember him at all. She just knows in her sweet little heart that she loves and misses him. So do I!! My dad love Em with all of his heart as well. They share the exact same glisten in their eyes, positive attitude about the most minute details and an intensity about things they believe in - even if it's just about the weather! Oh, they are both passionate about weather!

When Em was very young, she would sit in a chair and turn her feet around at her ankles with a silly little grin on her face - it's the same grin my dad always had while he twirled his foot around sitting in his chair in the front of the TV. I'm so thankful they met each other before my dad passed just a couple months later.

So, today we celebrate my little Em turning 7, and I can't believe how far she's come in those 5 years, plus the two she had that she doesn't even remember!!

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