Friday, January 11, 2008

The Pinnacle of Unmotivatedness

OK, probably not a word, but for me, today it is! Today is my throw in the towel day, my "I totally give up!" day and my "I don't want to do ANYTHING!" day. I'm home for the 9th day in a row with a sick child, barely got the first one on the bus AGAIN, canceled the birthday party of the century planned for tomorrow, and made a doctor's appointment for myself for this afternoon to see if I'm somehow contracted strep as well. I mean, 9 straight days with strep kids - how can I not have it, right??

I have yet to make it back to the gym, still have a few Christmas decorations to take down, need to get started on mounds of laundry. Instead, I'm just a bit annoyed, dejected and just plain unmotivated to do anything. Em is upstairs, hacking away, had a slight temperature of 100 this morning - so I kept her home again. Of course, now her temp is normal, she was dressed and ready to go, and I know she's making a huge mess upstairs - craft time. What am I doing? I'm down here blogging. At this point, does it matter?

To make everything even more confusing, all my emails to T, which is the primary way we communicate, have bounced back. I guess his work is blocking gmail?? Anyway, all day yesterday I thought he was taking care of a few things... but he never got the messages. Just frustrating, I tell you! And his cell phone isn't even working - can't call him, can't text him, can't email him.... I might at well be a single parent at this point!!! Anyway, if you're wondering where he is as well, it's likely you're in the same boat! Happy sailing!

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