Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I can dream a little while I'm stuck home with my sick kids, right? I was thinking about cruises today when Em asked T for a "disinfect and protect" wipe. Yes, we're watching wayyyy too much TV these days! Anyway, it's unlikely I'll be taking a cruise, but for those of you who can consider one, CNN has a great piece on choosing a kid friendly cruise. Now, if you want to take your kids, read carefully. If you don't want to take your kids, just take note of the cruise lines that everyone with kids will be choosing! Catch my drift? ;-) Bon Voyage!


megan said...

I highly recommend the Disney cruise if you have kids! It's AMAZING. First run Disney movies, characters galore, fun pirate night with fireworks, and fantastic kids' programs.
The first cruise we took our girls on was a Carnival ship. 400 people (us included!!)caught a rotavirus and ended up barfing our way through sunny Mexico. They did give us a full refund, though!

deanna said...

I would LOVE a Disney cruise, it's just the little matter of $$ and finding someone to go with us. T hates boats and won't step foot on one.=(