Friday, August 01, 2008

New Favorite Snack

I knew when I came here I'd have to get a Milka bar (to go with my Fanta Citrom =)), but I found one in particular that is SO AMAZING!! You see, this incredible chocolate comes in many "flavors", so being a huge fan of Cadbury Carmellos, I got the Milka Caramel and it's just, well, THE BEST EVER. No other way to describe it! It's a good thing I only bought a small one or I'd just skip dinner tonight. ;-)

Of course, I had to get myself a 2 liter bottle of Fanta Citrom. I'd been having the ones here at the hotel and spending a bit too many forints on them.... quite the bottle collection (I'll add that pic later). Apparently, I bought the big bottle just in time. One of our teammates told me she tried to buy one from the bar because she's tired of hearing me talk about them and, well, they ran out. Hmmm.... I wonder if she took note of the 7 empty bottles sitting in my room. Yup, I'm embarrassed, but I can assure you it was worth every drop (and my rosy red cheeks!).

So, tomorrow we're off to Paris and I'm really excited, hoping I don't get sick! Everyone here is getting the fever, sore throat, runny nose thing. More importantly, I'm hoping my kids will last a few more days. It's always miserable when I'm feeling great but have to stay behind with a sick kid. Should be fun!!

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Kathryn said...

Sounds yummy!

Take care of yourselves. Being sick while traveling is the worst. I hope you don't catch the bug.