Friday, August 29, 2008

Storm Preparations

Most of our friends, close ones anyway, know that my husband is a major preparedness freak. We've had our Y2K stash, our bird-flu stash, our dirty bomb plastic sheeting and duct tape stash and we always stock up for storms of any variety. My "storm" preparedness focuses on other things rather than just canned food, toilet paper and bottled water. I'm looking ahead, to the possible Obama tax storm, and wondering how and when to prepare for the takeover of my money!

I'm so thoroughly confused by all the opinion out there it's just getting really overwhelming. I've heard that 401K's are not safe, or that they're super safe. I've heard RothIRA's are better, but you better move everything fast. I've read that anyone making over $75,000 better protect their income in 401K's, that tax margins are the same or different, that percentage increases won't make a difference because tax cuts disappear..... yadda, yadda, yadda. I'm completely stumped. I need "Obamanomics For Dummies" at this point!! The plan sounds super confusing. I just want to know... should I not get a job? because that will make our double income just over the crazy taxable income bracket? Do we need to protect our 401K, because even with Obama I'm still not betting there will ever be Social Security benefits for me someday, let alone Medicare? Nobody agrees, and nobody can give me a straight answer.

I'm realizing there is no way to prepare for this storm of events that may or may not happen. I'm reminded that sometimes we overprepare, which is why I still have tuna and baked beans in bulk in my basement without a sign of the bird flu anywhere in the world. If you need a bandaid, chances are there's one hiding in our basement, along with all the Neosporin you couldn't find at CVS when you needed it! While it may seem silly, and we joke about it now, the day may come when, as my neighbors say, "We're heading for YOUR basement!" I guess we just need to be wise and try to make the best informed decision we can. Meanwhile, if you know the answers to any of my questions, I'd love to know!!

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