Saturday, July 26, 2008


Let me just say this - airlines in America need to step up! While we waited to get on our United flight, we were asked to fill out a survey with the following question:

Which would you prefer instead of a complimentary meal on your international flight?

1. Meals you pay for
2. Snacks you pay for
3. Meals made by famous chefs that cost an arm and a leg and possibly a kidney
4. Just to bring your own food.

OK, so they weren't that ridiculous, but seriously, why bother asking?? I simply wrote that I would prefer two complimentary meals on my flight overseas - dinner AND breakfast like all other airlines provide!! I mean... seriously! Are they kidding??

Anyway, we sat on our plane for 2.5 hours waiting for various technicians to check out power issues - very disconcerting! Then we took off, had dinner on the plane at 9pm and a snack before we landed.... late, missing our connecting flight with Lufthansa, which is currently striking so they had already reassigned us to a later flight with Austrian air.

Here's a REAL airline!!! (It's the one we flew non-stop last year to Vienna, and they fed us two meals and a snack... like back in the old days!) For our 1 hour 5 minute flight - in the US you might get a drink, maybe even a small bag of 5 mini pretzels - we received beverage service, a salad with cheese something on it, hard roll and dessert. My kids also received a kids package with little puzzles and games and crayons. We've never gotten anything like that on our 3-4 hour plane rides around the US - ever! United gave them wings for our 7 hour flight to Frankfurt!

Anyway, I wish Austrian air had some domestic US flights - I'd fly them every time!!

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cheryl said...

Flying to Seattle on American Airlines, we paid for everything we ate and drank. Coming back from Seattle on US Airways was a nightmare! We had to pay for anything we ate and drank. Our plane was late, rumored to be caused "by the crew." We missed our connection because of that, so they thoroughly searched us and our carry ons because, even though we had nothing to do with the flight change, when you do not pay for your flight change at the airport, it seems that you must be thouroughly searched. This has happened to me more than once. I will NEVER fly US Air again!