Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin

She's not Condi, but she'll do! =) She's a mom, former FCA president at her high school, mother of a Down's Syndrome child (could there be hope in the future for the glaring inadequacies of NCLB for special ed students?) and I think she's a great choice for McCain. I'm feeling a little more hopeful with this pick, for sure. My daughter will be thrilled about the dog-sledding! LOL Her 19-year-old son leaves for Iraq on September 11th. Wow.

UPDATE: I have to admit to the three people who read this blog. I'm actually giddy about this VP candidate. I haven't been giddy in a very long time, but today John McCain made me a very happy person, even if it's only for a couple months. So worth it! hehe I'm going to go sign up for that absentee ballot right now!!


Kathryn said...

I find Palin's addition to the ticket very promising, too. I like her track record of reformation, and her refusal to play politics. I like that she's a woman, and a mother.

I still need to read up on her some more...I have a feeling she will be more conservative than I on various issues...we'll see.

Now this election will be very interesting indeed.

deanna said...

I do think she's very conservative, but I also think she is willing to listen to all sides and makes decisions based on constitutionality, not necessarily her own beliefs or agendas. Should be interesting! Before her, not interesting at all.