Friday, August 08, 2008

That Little Thing Called Vacation

This is probably the most difficult time of year for me, wife of the short term missions maniac. We have come home to a very quiet neighborhood, many of our favorite pools closing for the summer, and many of our friends at the beach on vacation. T arrived home Monday with -3 vacation days. Yes, you read that correctly. He has NEGATIVE three days. Even though he tries to tell me he has just the same vacation time as he had at Verizon, I don't believe him. He's never had negative days.

Growing up with two teachers for parents, we always had summer vacation in August. In fact, we pretty much had the entire month of August for family vacations. I never imagined life with no family vacation time!! I think this might be the first year that happens. Every other year I've been able to squeeze out at least a long weekend for our family to go somewhere fun, but I don't see that as a viable option this year. It's kind of beat because after the last two weeks of traveling in a such a large group, it would be so nice to go away and be a family for a little bit.

Where would we go? I have a list of places I'd love to vacation with my family, beach destinations topping the list, but at this point I'd go pretty much anywhere! So, I'm off to Connecticut. It's really the one place in the world I feel relaxed. The epitome of relaxation for me is putting on some comfy shorts, an oversized sweatshirt, picking up Duchess and heading down to Penfield Beach to do nothing but walk by the water and nap. It's the place I feel most at home.

I'm off to pack. My mom just called to let me know Em has the stomach flu. I guess no beach for us this time... again. Oh, I give up!


A- Truckers- Wife said...


friend said...

Here's what I wish:

1. You guys wanted to move to Arizona
2. Our church was a big-enough-church that could hire him full time as a missionary (local and global)
3. He would lead our missionary effort out here.


friend said...

Then you could have 6 weeks of vacation a year.

deanna said...

Mmm... that sounds fun, and I love Arizona!