Friday, August 15, 2008

The Lull

I'm pretty sure that's where I am today. I think a storm is brewing, one of much activity. Next week I will be "oriented" for my new job - VERY part time special ed. person. I'm not sure I'd call it teacher, but I'll be working a 7 hour a week job. Fun.

The girls have "orientation" for school next week. Moving.... we have this unbelievable opportunity to move closeby, we're just in the process of weighing the options - pros and cons - and trying to get some info about selling a house that is in no shape to be sold. More on that if it actually comes to fruition. Just pray for us - I'm feeling really anxious about not know what we're doing and whether or not I should be working my butt off to be ready for something or not. It's a bit crazy.

I wish we had a couple more weeks of summer because I'm not nearly ready enough for it to be over. Especially with this crazy decision we have to make. It's times like these when I really miss my dad - he always had some wise words of advice for me.

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kimsilver said...

Just want you know that I am keeping you in prayer...I have been catching up on your blog, and see you have a lot on your mind, and in your heart. I have many "overwhelming" times in which it was good to know I was being prayed for. So, I am doing it for you! Hope all your upcoming decisions don't seem quite as big. Congratulations on your new most likely will feel good to be back in the school system, even if it is just for a few hours a week. :0)