Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Heart Thing.... Again

So, last spring a heart condition sprung up in my life. After being tested by a cardiologist, the conclusion was that it was something that is not treated, not life-threatening, just really annoying. The cause? Probably anxiety/stress.... and it was surely annoying.

Oddly, the day we left for Europe the heart thing disappeared. And until today, I haven't had it at all. It was so odd that my doctor and I began to suspect a possible link to medication. I get a generic brand of my blood pressure meds and the incidence of this heart thing began and ended with an odd three month supply. We really didn't know, but I was quite happy not to have that irritating extra heartbeat.

Well, it's now back. Just today. And I'm annoyed! I can't believe it's stress/anxiety related due to the fact that it went away during one of the most stressful and anxiety filled times of my life. Now I am completely perplexed and thoroughly annoyed. Did I mention how annoyed I am? It's one of those things that I can't ignore, nobody else knows but I have to live with all the time. UGH! Maybe I'm just allergic to this house!


Kathryn said...

I hope you are able to solve the heartbeat puzzle with the help of your MD's. Have they ruled out allergies/exposure to environmental elements?

How about getting enough vitamins & minerals? I had an annoying heart palpitation thing a few years back, and once I started taking vitamins it went away.

I'm sure your MD is on top of it...just trying to brainstorm...

deanna said...

I might just try that... I'm not a vitamin taker at all. I also think it might be hormonal, but we've run a bunch of tests, all have come back normal.