Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vote Now!

If you feel so inclined.... we are debating two crazy ideas in this house, neither of which are political. So don't get all wound up. I'm not asking you who you're voting for in November... just where you think we should go for election day! LOL (I think we'll be voting absentee!)

We are throwing around two ideas, and I forgot to check Wednesday airfares deals. Probably because of that stinkin' virus I had on here yesterday. Totally threw me off. Anyway, the girls have Monday, Nov. 3 off as well as Tuesday, Nov. 4. By that time, it's conceivable that T will have 2 vacation days saved up after earning back the three he was down when we got home from Europe. Our two options we are throwing around, which are, interestingly enough, almost equal in cost:

1. Flying to Ft. Myers, staying at a somewhat primitive "hotel" on Sanibel Island for a few days, beaching and shelling.

2. Driving up to NYC, staying in a swanky downtown hotel (the Super 8 in Times Square - doesn't get much swankier for this family! LOL) and going to see an overpriced Broadway show and some sites downtown, including but not limited to the American Girl store (def. not T's idea, but he loves NYC). Of course, one night is about all we could afford, so we'd be staying in CT and taking the train in and out.

So, what's your vote? Because I'm having a difficult time choosing. I personally love the beach, but flying these days is a pain. NYC could be fun, but the last time we were there in November it was FAR from beach like. In fact, we were FREEZING!!! So, two very different options.

Of course, we could just stay home. So vote!


Kathryn said...

Knowing how much you like the beach, I think you'd enjoy Ft. Meyers more than NYC.

kimsilver said...

I am going to have to agree with Kathryn. Plus--the Ft. Meyers option seems a whole lot more relaxing...and warm! NYC can be fun, and exciting, but if you are running back and forth you may feel more tired when you get back than when you left! :0)
Of course....that Broadway show could push me over the edge for NYC (without it, the choice would be more obvious for Ft. Meyers.)

Audrey said...

Either/or is a get-a-way and bound to be fun! Since it's such a short weekend, i'd probably go with NYC, save FL for a longer trip.
BTW, i think my girls have been visiting your website. i found it open on one of my tabs??? It's "safe" but i need to be careful. I need to set up a kids favorites for them. :-)

deanna said...

LOL! Now why would any kids want to read my blog? Scary!!

We are still throwing these ideas around, but now we have another option that we're leaning towards. Have you all ever hear of Great Wolf Lodge? I think we might try the one in Williamsburg. We can drive there and it looks amazing. It's ridiculously expensive, though.. Almost prohibitively!