Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

Someday, when my summer pics get loaded onto the computer, I'll post a pic for this post!

The girls both went off to school this morning. Kt is on azithromycin for an ear infection, Em is now at the clinic tonight for what we are guessing is the same. Poor things!!

Just as we suspected from the wildly different bus number, we had a new bus driver. That's seriously about all I know from today. Here were the highlights of their days:

1. There's a new bus driver.
2. His name is Kevin.
3. He lets them ride in the back of the bus. All 9 of them!
4. The back of the (nearly empty) bus is very, very bumpy and FUN!
5. They both liked school and their classes.

There you have it. Kevin is a rock star bus driver and for the rest of their year will provide the necessary stress relief on the ride home to alleviate any and all drama that occurs while in the confines of my daughters' educational institution. I'm thinking of reserving all teacher gifts for Kevin this year - he'll certainly earn them! ;-)

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jacks said...

how cute are they.