Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day

The name of this day always confuses me, since most people spend the day laying around on the beach or picnicking! Back when we first were married, T and I used to spend this holiday weekend with my parents. We would meet half way between here and there, ended up in Ocean City, NJ, Atlantic City, Lancaster, PA... I was such a fun tradition. I am pretty sure that I honestly thought we'd all do that for the rest of our lives. And I think we did that until my dad got sick.

Last year we had a four day weekend so we went to my mom's... and sat on the beach. =) This year, I really wanted to pull the girls out of school and head up to CT. We also thought about going to the beach, but that was too expensive. So, we stayed home. Boring. I know. T is "laboring" on Kt's room, painting it, taking off the baseboard and now pulling up the carpet. It's now a funky green color and T is going to attempt to put down a laminate floor for our asthma suffering 10 year old. We did take some time to go to the pool, and tomorrow a couple of picnics. It's the beach I long for, though. Just in case you didn't know that already!

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