Sunday, August 31, 2008


For real, Michael Moore? You would celebrate a Cat 4 hurricane on an already devastated region just to celebrate the potential impact on the Republican National Convention? Really? And this proves to you that there's a God in heaven? I think that's a rather flawed and sick sense of reason you're portraying here. And what if there had been the very same during the Democratic National Convention? What would that have proved?? (Oh, wait... Faye hit Florida during the Democratic Convention... 5 times... and they kept on partying!)

Fortunately, for your sake, there is a God in heaven and he, miraculously, loves you. He loves me, too. And He offers forgiveness and redemption for those of us who sometimes lack reasonable judgment and say really stupid, regretful things. Yup, we all do it, some of us more than others! Of course, in order to receive that forgiveness you would have to practice humility and admit you were wrong and admit that you actually need forgiveness.

So, if you can take a break from your celebratory mood while the rest of the United States of America is praying to a God in heaven for restoration, healing and that He spare New Orleans from again being devastated by nature and the imperfection of human effort, I'd do what's right here. Set your mind straight and join with the rest of us in hoping for the right thing, being remorseful in our selfishness. I'm certain there isn't a soul in New Orleans who shares your heart during this fateful time.

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