Friday, November 09, 2007

Wise Beyond

This has been a long week. I worked three days (stop laughing!), Kt was sick, so I got to take her to work (told you to stop laughing!!), went on a rainy field trip to the farm, on and on. We decided to head to the mall tonight for dinner and tiny bit of shopping. Everything was fine until the girls got a bit frisky! Then we knew it was time to head home.

As we were pulling out, the negotiating began. The girls wanted to watch a movie when we got home AND play in their new "clubhouse" they've set up where we just cleaned out (and sold) all their Little Tikes toys. I asked which movie they wanted to see, because length was going to play a large roll in our decision. I'm guessing they were looking over all the old movies I was sorting down there, because Kt says, "How about that one about the kid alien?"

Without any hesitation, Em's exact words back to Kt were, "I don't think that would be appropriate for me!"

T looks at me and whispers, "What six year old uses the word appropriate?"

I whisper back to him, "What six year old can reply so quickly with an alternative to 'No way am I watching that crap!' AND use the word 'appropriate'?"

That one is a little pip. She is so much more capable, smart and quick than she ever lets on. It's always the little conversations we have with her when she shows her true ability. All other times it's a very calculated "playing dumb" routine.

This reminded me of how, when she was 4, I spent hours trying to teach her all her colors. I was dumbfounded that she couldn't name a single color correctly. Then, one day, she had a colorful bowl of cereal sitting in front of her (which we had not had before!) and she started telling me how amazing the cereal was, naming all the different colors..... then at the same time we looked at each other and she smiled, nodded her head and said, "Yup. I know all my colors now!" Just like that, she even read my mind. It wasn't until that moment that I realized, she had never gotten even one color right - she had been purposely getting them wrong that whole time!!

What am I going to do with this one?

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