Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dreaming of a Mouse

Our neighbors left yesterday for a week with a mouse... Mickey, that is! They are staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort, which was where I had really wanted to stay last February but they were completely sold out - by October! We ended up shortening our trip and spending one night at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.... ah, the memories!

If I could, I'd go to WDW at least once a year for a real vacation. Yes, I know, it's lots of running around, waiting in lines, overly expensive junk food... but there really is something magical about Disney World I think. I just want to get it all in before my kids grow up, and then I hope to someday repeat it all with grandchildren. That's a dream! Or that Disney cruise I have yet to try....

I think we might be "vacationing" with another Space team this summer, however. Not exactly the dream family vacation, but it's a lot of running around, waiting in lines (in airports), and overly expensive European food. It's also much more rewarding in many ways, and my kids are not complaining that they won't see Mickey. Instead, they are begging to return to their new friends they made last summer. I must say, we have a better relationship with our European friends than we do with the Mouse, even though we've known him much longer! =) But I can still dream!


Deana said...

You've just gotto figure a few days for Euro Disney in there! ;)

momma chais said...

Um, so, if you ever needed a babysitter, or helper, or whatever-er on your Disney vacation I would totally be up for going along. I mean, I'm just putting that out there :)