Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Why I Don't Have a "Real" Job

My husband is always mock begging me to get a "real" job so he doesn't have to work anymore. Haha, so funny! It's kind of a weird conversation, usually, but I do know it would be nice if I actually had a job that brought in a little more money. Or would it?

I'm just about to head into the new "substitute lunch/recess monitor" job and remembering our conversation last night. Kt came home with a sore throat - which has become extremely common for her. (Tonsilitis maybe??) Anyway, T took her in to have her throat checked out to make sure it wasn't strep, which she had three times last year. Before he took her, we were having a little conversation about what to do if she couldn't go to school. He had a complete cow!

In the past, he has mentioned that many people bring their kids to work with them when they are unable to make other arrangements, so I foolishly suggested this as an option. I was a bit leery of not showing up on one of two days I'd agreed to do this sub job, and taking your child to a sub job when they can't go to school is a little crazy. Anyway, I just asked if I could take her to his work for a bit and was met with, "You see, I'm going to lose my job because of all these jobs you have!!! I'm the one who makes all the money....." blah, blah, blah. So, now we know why I don't have a real job! And again, I wonder to myself, how do other people do this?


A- Truckers- Wife said...

my niece when she was yonger had mayor ploblems, colds, strep throat, you name it she had it. This kid was always sick they finally decided that they would try taking her toncils out and it did a world of good. She had it done when she was around 5or 6 and she's 14 now and her health improved so much. After she had them out she hardly got sick with anything.

Kathryn said...

I was thinking of all the money you are saving hubby with your MULTIPLE jobs...daycare, cook, housekeeper, event coordinator, taxi service, etc...
Just imagine if he had to hire out for all of that! ;-)