Friday, November 16, 2007

Merry Early Christmas to Me!

I just got a new cellphone! The best part about it - it was free!! Now, I have to learn how to use a new cell again... and I had not even mastered my old one. EEK! This one has video capabilities that I'm hoping to learn and a keyboard, for easier texting. Woohoo! The only stinky thing about it is that the ringtones are pretty lame. I guess they do that now so you have to buy the good ones. Fortunately, I'm not that picky.

Nothing better than an early FREE Christmas gift!


kimsilver said...

whoa.....that is cool....but so intimidating to me! I still have my almost original phone.....I have had it a long time--and it has NO fancy stuff. Which is good, because I wouldn't know how to use it anyway. Actually- since my kids know I am clueless about everything besides the basics, they change things on my phone all the time, just for kicks. Everytime I open it, it says something different...usually a comment about themselves or eachother, like "ben is the greatest", or "jake is lame", or "jake is cool", or "Ben is cooler". Sometimes there are random messages like "Roar" or "gotcha". It is funny--I never know what it will say.
Congratulations on the cool phone--I respect your techno capabilities! :0) Truly, I do.

Dana said...

I have a Tracfone. It's about as basic as you can get. No texting, video or pictures. I prepay the minutes - saves a lot of money. I'm old-fashioned. I still believe in cell phones for emergencies.
Good luck with your new phone that has everything but wheels and an engine! ;)

deanna said...

It's all cool and fun, but it's way more than I'll use. It was the only free phone with a keyboard, which is really why I chose it!! The last time I chose a phone, I wanted a camera phone and got the simplest one I could find. I never learned how to use much else on it. This one I chose for the keyboard and video, as blogging has made me addicted to my camera phone (I still don't know how to load pictures from our real digital camera onto the computer - so I email them with my cameraphone!). All the other stuff on there?? I'm doubting I'll learn it all before my next two years are up and we're onto my next free Christmas gift!=)