Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

The turkey's in the oven, the family is all relaxin', it's about 65 degrees outside (it'll be in the 40's by tonight - welcome to MD!), we have our menu all planned out, Kt set the table, Em is reading to my mom, our very traditional Thanksgiving is off to a great start!!

This year we have been so blessed to have a larger view of God's world, to have friends in all the far reaches of the earth, to have a healthy family, a job, a house, food.... and group of incredible high schoolers who are excited to serve this world. I am so excited to be home for this holiday and to have the chance to reserve a day for Thankfulness.

The only thing missing - Uncle D forgot his XBox! He's hiding in his room this morning.... with nothing to do! LOL


megan said...

some of your friends in the far corners of the world are feeling VERY.THANKFUL.FOR.GIRL.SCOUT.COOKIES.

and cornbread, reeses pb cups and other fantastic things. wow. thank you from the bottom of our French livin' hearts!!!

megan said...

ps...pray for us tomorrow as we prepare to host 70 people from many backgrounds for our outreach dinner! we have muslim tunisians, morroccans, french, german, japanese, korean, ethiopians and americans all coming together to celebrate thanksgiving!

deanna said...

Wow - sounds awesome. I'm glad that package made it! Enjoy!