Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bragging Rights

Since it's my blog, I'm going to reserve the right to brag a bit - about my kids (despite my bad parenting!). Today another parent who went in for the GT math presentations today sent me this little story about Kt.

I sat in on Mr. M's math class today
and was so impressed with something Kt did. CM was VERY nervous to
do her presentation, but she did it...when she got back to her seat, Kt
initiated a high-five with her and you could see the smile across CM's
face. It really touched my heart that Kt would make that effort for
someone who was obviously very shy, insecure and nervous about it. Katie's
a great girl!

You know, it's really nice to hear little things like that from friends. I happen to think Kt is great as well, but one never knows what their children when out from under their watchful eyes. This year, I've been especially bombarded with similar stories about Kt, sometimes it's overwhelming. It's also food for thought when I think of her personality characteristics in terms of what God is preparing her (and me!) for in life. Sometimes I wish I was half as amazing as she is.

Now, I need to go stop her from scuffling with her sister over a silly rock - all in a day's work!


kimsilver said...

Kt sounds like a great girl. AND I am sure that is at least partly due to your wonderful parenting skills!
I was so shocked and annoyed by the rudeness of that "poster" who just decided to be mean for no reason to someone he/she didn't know. People that feel it necessary to be hurtful like that....I don't understand them--except I imagine they must be very sad and unsettled inside to have to make a point of remarking in such a hateful way.
Please just realize it was he/she that has the problem--not you.
And just as a sidenote-I tend to agree....sometimes teachers can be overly harsh. It is a shame, because those little souls are so delicate and in general, just want to please. It would be nice if a little encouragement was offered to Em instead. :0(

deanna said...

Thanks, Kim... I kind of figured that about that poster - it's not the first time someone was offended by what he read on here!! My guess is that he didn't like the Christmas letter and decided to vocalize that on a homework policy post - really ignorant if you ask me!

I'm praying your Nathan is feeling better today. Sounds like you all are in for a long week... Yuck! Are you still traveling? or have you resigned yourselves to the fact that the sane decision would be to stay put!?!

kimsilver said...

Traveling plans are still questionable. We are discussing the idea of sending "the boys" (including Matt) and having me staying back to get my paperwork done. This is what I felt I should do from the beginning. Of course-my hubby is still hoping that I can get enough done before then, that I will still be able to come. Actually-I am hoping for the same thing. But-realistically, I can't imagine that I will be that far along by Monday to feel free to go.
Thank you for praying for Nathan. He seems to be doing a little better. He was awake until 3am last night-just too uncomfortable to sleep. This morning he still had diarhea and he is just very sore. He'll be staying home agian, I guess. :0(

deanna said...

Aww... I know that feeling. We've missed lots of fun field trips due to illness. I always just remind myself that sending them to school even a little sick with a weaker immune system opens them up to even scarier germs!! I hope he feels better soon!

Good luck with all that paperwork and house stuff. Those two things alone would completely stress me out - together I'd be committed! I have no good advice to you, other than it might be nice to gather up all that paper work and bring it with you - to finish away from the reminders at home of all you need to do there!!

Good luck!! and many prayers your way!