Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Tweens

Today at church (which was awesome, by the way!) we left via the Warehouse, where the high schoolers were just finishing up. My girls have been so happy to be included by some of our Hungary team when they go over there - it's quite fun. Today we were hunting for our Monday night babysitter to see if she was available tomorrow. The girls marched right into the worship room and the kids were just finishing up their last song. We sat down to listen to the announcements, which for high schoolers tend to be very upbeat and fun. Projected on the screen was a huge set of lips for the outreach Friday night Lip Sync contest. Kt leaned over to me as they were getting ready to premiere the skit team lip sync. She had a look of complete surprise and disgust and whispered loudly, "HUH??? Is that a KISSING contest???" I had a hard time containing my laughter. I think I have a 'tween!

If you're in high school and you live in Howard County, you should come! It's always awesome!! Dec 7. I promise, no kissing.... I think!

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kimsilver said...

That is hysterical. :0)
My 6th grader is getting so impatient--he can't wait to attend all of the youth group things. He has to wait until this summer---their summer camp is the first event the soon to be 7th graders get to go to. Wish my Freshman was just as enthusiastic....:0(