Sunday, November 04, 2007

More Fun with the Bd or Ed

I've always been of the belief that the worst place to spend a day is at the DMV. I'm beginning to doubt that, as tomorrow I will be visiting the fingerprinting office, then onto my newest and least pleasurable haunt, the Board of Education... Duh, duh, duh, duuuuuhhhhhh..... It's not enough that I was fingerprinted and background checked last year for another county, or that I have furnished my background checks from the State of Maryland and the (Federal, I tell you!) FBI - both completed in May. I must not only do this again, but this time, lucky me!, I get to pay for it myself.

If I'd never had this done, it probably wouldn't bother me. But it's a little insulting that they won't accept this seeing as it's less than a year old. Now, I know I'm a rowdy one! Hot chocolate on occasion, even have attended a total of 1 or 2 parties this year where alcohol may have been present - if it was, I likely chose the Ginger Ale instead. I've stolen a mint or two from a local restaurant candy dish, and I think I've even surpassed the speed limit when passing. All in all, it doesn't get much more boring than Moi! But who knows?? There could be a skeleton in my closet that they didn't find the first time around.... I mean, how thorough can these background checks be??? One never knows!

Truth be told, they'd find more interesting fodder on me at the local physician's office. Thank goodness that is off limits, thanks to HIPA! ;-) I wonder if my blood pressure pills are listed on the national registry of illegal substances not permitted in drug-free zones?? Or maybe those of us with gall(stones) should be limited to the fat free zone in the cafeteria... Oh, wait. They don't have those! Plenty of fat in the cafeteria, just no cupcakes in the classrooms! ;-) Or really, if those background checks are now including traffic camera pics, T may have done me in for good!

What I really won't enjoy, however, is the "30 minutes" of paperwork they have for me to fill out. I'm beginning to realize that this is likely just an estimate, depending on how likable you are, and I'm just not that. This chick at HR, she's just not my friend. I have a bad feeling about this one!! I mean, 30 minutes to fill out payroll papers to be a substitute cafeteria monitor? The last time I filled out a W-2, it took me all of 2 minutes. No, I'm in for it... and I've set aside the appropriate amount of time for this task - all afternoon!! On the bright side, I'll be pleasantly surprised if I have even a few minutes to myself tomorrow. I promise!

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