Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Funny Ems

Em is really just a total hoot most of the time. Maybe it's her age, but she keeps me laughing. Yesterday, on our way home from dinner, we stopped to pick up more Mint Chocolate for Kt's GT math project. We've been tasting and comparing it for a week now and her project is finally due on Thursday. T suggested that she bring in some "samples" for the class to try, which was met with a resounding, "Don't you know the school rules, dad?????" from the girls - no food!! (silly rules!) Em sighed and said, "I LOVE zamples!" From now on, I'm voting for "zamples"!

This morning, Em came in to wake me up (as usual!) and ended up laying in bed with me just blabbering away, writing things on her whiteboard. At one point she said, shaking her head, squinching her eyes, "There is a boy, Everette, in my class and he can't spell SHENG! Can you believe it? He spells it with a "y" on the end!!" So, I awoke from my much needed slumber and said, "Well, can you spell Everette?" She just smiled and said, "No, of course not!" Now, don't we think spelling first names is more important than last? Not Em! ;-)

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