Sunday, November 18, 2007

Las Acacias

If there ever were a false prophet, I would guess Hugo Chavez fits that bill! Being a complete outsider looking in, that man has made some scary changes in Venezuela, continually makes errant remarks publicly about respected world leaders and constantly uses Biblical references to his countrymen in defending his move towards a communist nation. To me, it's quite frightening.

The Washington Post has an article this morning about the evangelical church in Caracas, namely one very large church, Las Acacias. This particular church has gained a reputation in Venezuela of being an "opposition" church due to the attendance of it's pastor at a vigil held for the hundreds of victims of the uprising in Caracas, where he stood on the platform use just days before by the opposition movement. This church has 5,000 members and is divided between government skeptics and supporters.

While the country is run by a man who claims to support all religions, including a rogue cult religion in the city, he has begun surveillance on Las Acacias' website and tapped all the phones used by staff at the church. No separation of church and state in THAT country! (I wonder to myself what Cindy Sheehan and Danny Glover think of him now?) The church has a plan for the day the government shuts their doors so that they can still support each other in the day when the evangelical church in Venezuela will be deemed an "opposition" church. It's just an eerie thought, really.

So, today, with this article fresh in my mind, I'll ask anyone out there who cares to please pray for this church and it's members, for the condition of the government in Venezuela and that God's will will prevail there. If Hugo Chavez really is the Christian he claims to be, may his heart be softened to be more like Christ and less about himself.

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