Thursday, November 15, 2007

Anonymous Infamy

I just can't resist doing this. I'll assume that since this commenter left a comment anonymously that he/she knows it's totally fair game and extremely insulting. So, here I go!

quit bloggin' and start PARENTNG! I'm new to this stuff - I think I'll continue doing what I was doing before - listening to music and reading books! Why do people think what they have to think is so important!???

This was a comment I received from Washington state, I believe - at least that's what my sitemeter is telling me, in response to my post about the flawed first grade homework policy. First, allow me to point out that this particular commenter would not pass first grade "Capitalization and Punctuation" or "Spells accurately" in his learning behavior grade. On second glance, he/she would "pass", but get a "with help" grade. He/she didn't get any help, but somehow that description counts as a "grade" on a report card.

Secondly, what is the point of this comment?? This person reads one post of mine and presumes to know that I am not parenting my children? By the way, this is one of those people who came to my blog via the Christmas Letter Tips site, so I will conclude that he/she was not really interested in the homework policy one iota. If you want Christmas letter tips, read the sample and get out! I didn't ask to be linked to that site, they just linked me.

Thirdly, "new to this stuff" seems to me to be a pretty broad statement. Are you new to "bloggin'", new to parenting, new to reading blogs, new to making random comments on blogs, new to insulting people anonymously that you don't even know??? What exactly is new to you, whoever you are?

Finally, are you, Mr. Anonymous, inferring that bloggers do not read or listen to music?? Because if you are, you are new to the world! The blogging community is rife with extremely well-read, well-versed and educated people. They listen to, critique and review every genre of music. If you think retreating into your world of headphones and bookmarks will be richer than entering into a the thoughtful world of blogging, I'd venture to guess you're pretty closed minded. The whole point of a blog for many bloggers is to express their opinions about any variety of topics, including homework policies. And if I'm bloggin' while my kids are in school, that's not bad parenting in my opinion.... but you don't really care about that, do you? You only care about your opinion!

On this blog, if you had bothered to read past the 2 year old Christmas poem and homework policy, you would probably conclude that I like to post about lots of things, important and non-important. I like to have fun, I like to complain, I like to hash out what I see as injustices, I post about my children most often - because I'm so bad at parenting, huh? So you go ahead and return to your elusive world of listening to music and reading books, don't bother to share the wealth of information you find with the world on a blog and stop leaving uninformed anonymous comments that are insulting to people. It's just bad manners - and that's a message from a parenting mom!

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Kathryn said...

Sorry you had to experience that ignorance. It's unfortunate that people lash out at others like that. Obviously, 'Anonymous' has his/her own issues.

Anyway, it doesn't make sense to me to receive a grade of 3 when you had followed up with the teacher on those assignments.