Friday, November 30, 2007

Wasted Time

Tomorrow night is T's annual Christmas dinner dance for work. It's our first year with this company, so I have no idea what to expect other than we know it's at a really nice hotel in Baltimore and from what everyone says, it's really, really nice!! I've been excited about going (and spending a night in the city), but I have to admit, shopping for something to wear has been a TOTAL DRAG!! I'm convinced there isn't a single piece of clothing out there made for my body type.

Anyway, 2 weeks, one skirt and 20 blouses later, I still have no idea what I'm going to wear. We have a babysitter to stay with the girls all night, a room, and a full wardrobe to pack up and try on when I get there... We've been talking about this all week and the girls are thrilled to be having one of our favorite babysitters all to themselves for a whole night!!


T is on his way to pick up Kt from a sleepover because, yup, you guessed it, she just threw up! I'm feeling like I might have just spent hours shopping for nothing. Literally hours. And she's the first victim... we all know how that stomach thing travels through a household. And our poor friends where it started. Here we go - welcome winter, welcome cold weather, welcome 20 outfits later!!!


kimsilver said...

OH NO!! This is all too familiar. I hope you will still be able to go.....maybe it will just be her that will get sick. (????) I know....hopeful thinking, but I will pray that will be the case anyway. Bummer. That is the pits.

deanna said...

I know that you know all too well what this is like!! Unfortunately, she just threw up again, so I'd say we're not going tomorrow night. I'll just sent tony!