Saturday, October 20, 2007

Weekend of New

So, we made it to CT in our new car... New to us, used but in really nice shape. I'll get a pic of that later. The trip up here took us 9 hours. Between the rain, clearing up a little paperwork and NY Friday rush hour.... I'm surprised we made it at all. Today we went to the pumpkin patch and came home with two 18 pound pumpkins! Typically, the girls have gone lighter, so that was a first! T and Uncle D took the girls to their first ever ice hockey game, I think they are enjoying it! My mom, sister-in-law and I had a girls night... shopping (don't tell T!), eating out and now just watching TV or maybe a movie. It's weekends like these that make it difficult to go home.


Kathryn said...

The girls got so big! They're gorgeous!

doubleknot said...

The girls look like they are having a good time.
Glad you got a 'new' car and were able to take your trip sounds like you had a fun time.