Monday, October 29, 2007

Pointing Inward?

I've received many emails about this movie, The Golden Compass, and I have to admit - it's making more curious about the movie than anything else. Today Fox has a piece about the controversy surrounding it's release, and I did find it a little more enlightening than the emails, which amount to a desperate plea to not expose my children to atheism.

Among the things in the article today that disturb me is the implicit intention of the author of this trilogy to portray any and all religion as poison, which I'm really uncomfortable with. I might have been interested in a movie if there was not such an intentional purpose as that - if there were anything in the movie that might actually be meant for the purpose of enjoyment rather than to "unpoison" children who, frankly, I don't feel are poisoned to begin with. For someone to say that they loathe The Chronicles of Narnia because it teaches children Christian ethics is just completely wrong in my opinion! I don't think even the staunchest atheists would argue that teaching children not to lie, cheat or steal is a bad thing, am I wrong here??

Anyway, I'm kind of feeling like there's really no point now in even bothering to see these movies. If my children happen to see them at a friend's house someday, we'll talk about that. I'm not going to waste all my energy on convincing everyone I know that watching these movies would be the worst thing ever, I just have no desire to take part in a Christian hate fest. It's the same way I feel about Michael Moore movies - just created out of hatred, and I'm not interested!


Kathryn said...

These sort of things are always creating an uproar...just like The Davinci code. I ignore the extremist rants on both ends! ;-)

deanna said...

Yes, I'm with you. HOWEVER, the really weird thing is that before reading the Fox news article, I was really intrigued about the movie. I thought it actually sounded like something my kids would enjoy. After reading the Fox thing, where the author talks about the book and what happens, it completely creeped me out. The movie just sounds completely weird!! If it had nothing to do with religion at all, I'd still skip it!! Totally sci-fi and just bizarre if you ask me!!